Saturday, July 30, 2005

we are the web

very interesting article about the internet past,present and future.....

" There is only one time in the history of each planet when its inhabitants first wire up its innumerable parts to make one large Machine. Later that Machine may run faster, but there is only one time when it is born.

You and I are alive at this moment. "

Thursday, July 14, 2005

new take on web jamming

I often think about the idea of jamming music on the internet.
That's what fascinated me about skype among other things.
I've not followed through any ideas about jamming with skype partly because the latency involved
would preclude all but abstract beatless chillout jamming.
ninjam looks interesting.It gets around the latency issue by extending it so that you jam with
previos cycles of audio. which sounds interesting.

well I'm going to download it anyway (seems to be free and painless on first perusal).

Monday, July 11, 2005

ancient and modern experimental music

Good site here for that kind of thing.
Loads of gratis downloads.

cloud cult

Quite a good american eco warrior group with some freebie mp3's on their site.
Recommend outside of your skin, and six days.

cheap stomp boxes

Behringer are just bringing out a range of cheap fx pedals that look like they'd do quite nicely
thankyou .
Distortion,chorus,octave etc are 15quid digital delays etc 22 quid
One of the distortions (um100 pictured) has 3 band eq inc swept mid.