Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I can't handle the truth

So I hope it's not true....I can't be bothered to write a whole post so I'll cut and paste this email

Its nearly quicker to store jottings to gmail than to open word on my pc!
here is something I have just sent to front row on r4 after their piece on a famous Dylan songs
true life subject character. No mention in the piece about any controversy.
Either I am completely wrong and a gullible internet idiot, or possibly the whole of pop culture folklore and so called true stories of injustice is built on sand. What happens when we pull the thread?(what happens when we mix us metaphors?...colemanballs thats what!) So then? what should I be... Idiot? or the bringer of doom? contest I have quite broad shoulders where idiocy is concerned

"I just don't know what to think about rubin carter any more since I stumbled upon this site.
I don't just go along with hate campaigns for kicks or something.
But if just some of the stuff on this site is true.... Lots of real documentary evidence. Carter a convicted serial mugger... not a war hero but unfit discharge...probably did those killings...was not exonerated but let go on technicalities..offended after release... etc.
The song and the film ? is it just art for arts sake? I hate the very notion of a possible left wing cover up. mister researcher see what you think. or is it easier to just go along with the romantic dream?
I'd like to feel like an idiot, taken in by a clever malicous lie.Maybe someone could expose this site as full of falsehoods?"

Heres an actual link to the troubling site
I think I'll put this in the blog also