Thursday, March 02, 2006

youtube goodies

good stuff on youtube

Can : Paperhouse beatclub 1971

mc5: kick out the jams beat club 1972 ( clip comes in half way through performance by the looks of things)

killing Joke : Eighties promo

Public Image Ltd : careering/poptones American bandstand 1980 (what compilatiion would be complete without it. poor quality film, high quality TV history)

PIL: public image promo 1978

The Damned: neat neat neat on supersonic 1977 blurry but fun . hear those teenage girls scream when the captain falls over

Ultravox:Hiroshima mon amour ogwt 1979 (the proper Ultravox)

Hey! : Pixies t+c 1988
placebo with frank black: where is my mind

Slade : cuz I love you live beat club

another mc5, ramblin rose from public access TV show, intro in colour, mc5 in b+w. Highlights are Wayne K's slick dance move and the dowdy hippy chicks bizzarre advice on the intro.